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Apr. 3 2023

Cicero® is a management and social sector consulting firm with clients representing various industries, including education, technology, finance, manufacturing, industrials, healthcare, media, retail, communications, and the arts. It offers clients strategy expertise from the acquisition pipeline to data and growth.

How Cicero® Champions Women

Cicero® champions women with flexible schedules and location options, including compressed work weeks and remote work possibilities. The company provides part-time work with full benefits to support women as they balance their professional and personal lives. It provides 12-week paid maternity leave to help women transition back to work while allowing them to spend quality time with their growing families.

The company is committed to increasing diversity in mid- and senior leadership roles, and its lifestyle policies reflect its commitment. Cicero® established the “Women In Cicero” mentorship program that identifies and coaches unique talent and driven personalities within the firm to achieve the company’s goals and fullest potential as leaders.

Salary parity is central to the company’s values. It consistently evaluates compensation, and its senior leadership evaluates pay equity and implements revisions accordingly. The company understands salary parity is essential for employee satisfaction and retention.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Cicero®

Cicero® understands everyone deserves a seat at the table. Each voice brings unique and innovative ideas to the drawing board. What’s good for women is good for business. Creating a family-friendly workplace culture allows it to attract and retain top talent.

100 Utah Companies That Champion Women

Inspire In Utah celebrates businesses that help women maintain a healthy professional and personal life. We showcase these businesses to inspire other companies to achieve more equality. Empowering women empowers the entire economy, and Cicero® Group is an exceptional example.

Learn More About the Companies that Champion Women

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