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Apr. 3 2023

Canopy provides accounting practice and software for client and document management. The company helps accounting firms with workflow, billing, taxes, payments, integrations, and compliance solutions. It provides implementation support, and its content hub includes a blog, webinars, eBooks, case studies, and more.

How Canopy Champions Women

Canopy supports women by offering flexible work schedules, including flexible start and stop times, part-time roles, and various work-from-home options. 

Paid parental leave is available to all employees, and birthing parents receive 12 weeks of leave at 100% pay. The company also offers new mothers the ability to transition back into their role over several weeks as they and their families adjust.

Canopy champions women with “Women of Canopy,” an employee resource group sponsored by its CFO, Alison Fuller. This group meets monthly to discuss critical topics for women in the workplace and create meaningful connections, utilizing Lean In Circles to create a curriculum for discussion.

The company also supports women by ensuring that all job descriptions are written with inclusive language, and that the interview pool includes qualified women applicants. Interview panels have diverse staff members to ensure it hires the best talent for the job.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Canopy

Canopy supports a family-friendly culture. The company understands the overall health of an organization relies on a supportive and balanced atmosphere. Flexible schedules and pay equity efforts are important to keep valuable employees, and diversity in leadership helps Canopy innovate and contribute to community growth.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Inspire In Utah celebrates businesses championing women. These featured companies remove barriers to help women succeed in the workplace and proactively help them develop leadership skills. We showcase these businesses to inspire other companies to achieve more equality. Empowering women empowers communities and strengthens economy, and Canopy is an exceptional example.

Learn More About Utah Companies Supporting Women

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