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Feb. 24 2023

When it comes to taking care of your health, body, and home, Brandless has a corner on the market. Because the company is passionate about wellness, it supports Utah women in business by providing a wellness website that sells products that help individuals be their best in all aspects of life, including body, health, and home.

How Brandless Champions Women 

Brandless supports Utah women in business through its flexible work/life balance policies, including its popular hybrid work locations and flexible schedule policies. With benefits for part-time workers, this company is mindful of the multiple hats women wear. Its higher-paying positions have part-time options, and they are renowned for their returnships program that helps smooth the transition back to work after welcoming a new baby.

Brandless champions women through its commitment to diversity in mid- and senior-level roles and pay equity efforts. This company practices what it preaches, and 50% of its leadership team is women. Its development and leadership programs for Utah women help brand the company as a leader in the initiative to support Utah women in business.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Brandless 

With a tagline of “brand less and live more,” the company pushes the glass ceiling boundaries that previously penalized women whose best work is done on a hybrid schedule. It understands that excellence is rooted in people and not in hours clocked. Brandless empowers women by building a company that embraces the multi-tasking environment women often work best in. 

100 Utah Companies Championing Women 

In our search for Utah companies that empower women in the workplace, companies like Brandless stand out among their peers. Inspire In Utah is proud to include Brandless in our 100 Companies Championing Women campaign because it understands women’s unique role in today’s business world.

The Inspire In Utah initiative is looking for Utah companies that support women in the workplace. Need some ideas of what we’re looking for? Follow In Utah on Instagram and LinkedIn for more inspiration.

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