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Big Leap

May. 25 2023

Workplace flexibility is a priority for Big Leap in supporting women in business. It adopted an atypical work schedule that allows parents to work around their family responsibilities. Eliminating the standard 9-5 work schedule makes it easier for Utah women in business to juggle all their responsibilities.

How Big Leap Champions Women

Big Leap champions women by routinely soliciting feedback and providing ways for employees to speak up and be heard, face-to-face and anonymously. Anita, Customer Success manager, said, “At Big Leap, feedback is requested often and then acted upon to facilitate positive changes that lead to equity and benefits for all employees. That is unique.”

Listening to employees is how the company recognized the need for flexible schedules for Utah women and men. Its core office hours are 10-3 on Monday through Friday, with an option to work a half day on Fridays. This schedule allows many parents to work while their children are in school and then put in an extra hour or two later in the evening.

Mentorship is another important part of Big Leap’s culture. As of 2023, its leadership team is 60% women, a 10% increase from five years prior. All employees are given opportunities to be mentored by these accomplished women in business.

The company also supports women through its return-to-work plans. In addition to 8-10 weeks of paid parental leave, employees can gradually return to the workforce. “The grace to come back slowly at the speed I was ready was huge,” said finance executive Bailey. 

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Big Leap

Supporting women is important to Big Leap because it prioritizes trust and community above revenue. The company opened up remote work opportunities, professional development for women and men, and returnships for women in Utah. As a result, this strategy helped it retain employees and clients and create a strong business.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Providing flexible and remote work for Utah women and mentorship opportunities landed Big Leap on the Inspire In Utah 100 Companies Championing Women list. Big Leap structured its culture to allow employees to work while accommodating family life.

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