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Bennett Enterprises

Apr. 26 2023

While you may not know the name Bennett Enterprises, odds are you’re familiar with their product—namely Pinners Conference. As a company whose clientele is primarily women, it’s no surprise that it supports women within its organization. 

How Bennett Enterprises Champions Women

Having a family and working full-time can be complicated. That’s why work flexibility for women is so critical. Bennett Enterprises provides flexible work options that allow women to balance career and family responsibilities.

The Bennett Enterprises team works from home and provides Utah women flexibility and remote work options. Additionally, it gives employees ownership and responsibilities, allowing them to complete assignments on their schedules. The company also offers part-time professional roles. Four of their six leadership team members are part-time.

Bennett Enterprises offers maternity leave support for Utah women. Over the past ten years, employees had 15 babies. Each mom returned to work with full benefits when shefelt ready, and they still work for the company. The companyoffers back-to-work support for women and adjusts schedules to accommodate specific family needs.

It also provides mentorship programs for women. Pinners Conference co-owner Roxanne Bennett creates an annual video series aimed at helping women-owned businesses increase their success. She also promotes women-focused organizations and encourages women to earn degrees and start their own companies.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Bennett Enterprises

Bennett Enterprises is passionate about ensuring the company is run by women. It believes this creates an environment for connection, common goals, and understanding. As a company for women, run by women, it’s no wonder Bennett Enterprises takes great strides to support women in business and offers programs for Utah working women.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Bennett Enterprises supports women. That’s why they’ve been selected as one of the 100 Companies Championing Women through the Inspire InUtah initiative. 

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