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Beehive Meals

Feb. 22 2023

As a company whose goal is to restore the magic of family dinners, Beehive Meals supports women in business and the home by providing opportunities for them to earn an income while maintaining flexibility.

How Beehive Meals Champions Women

As a mother of young children, Beehive Meals CEO Allyse Jackson recognized the need to play to her strengths. She continues to do that, as evidenced by the success of her business. By recruiting primarily stay-at-home mothers, women new to the workforce, and women looking to re-enter the workforce, Jackson can build a team who understands the pressures of balancing daily to-dos with the importance of formative rituals like family dinners.

By offering wages well above industry standards, she can train, mentor, and motivate a talented group of women to push for improvements in their personal and professional lives. It is no surprise that 70% of the Beehive Meals management team, from the CEO to the office manager, are women, many of whom earn more than their full-time working spouses.

Beehive Meals accomplishes this in a compressed work week. It built its employee base around part-time schedules to allow women, primarily homemakers and full-time students, options to grow and earn while maintaining a balance with home, school, and work life.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Beehive Meals

Women are critical in forming our families, communities, and businesses. Beehive Meals champions women by understanding and playing to the strengths, versatility, and opportunities women offer in the workplace. It supports women’s empowerment, pushing for pay equity in Utah businesses, promoting women from within, and harnessing the power that work flexibility brings to a company.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women 

In its efforts to support women entrepreneurs and women in the workplace at every level, Inspire In Utah has sought out 100 Companies Championing Women—companies that push for the kind of opportunities and excellence that Beehive Meals is providing for and inspiring in their women employees.

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