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ARUP Laboratories

Mar. 9 2023

ARUP Laboratories (ARUP) is a national nonprofit and academic reference laboratory serving the diagnostic testing needs of clinicians and their patients throughout the United States. ARUP’s research and testing services are led by an innovative team of pathologists, clinicians, and scientists, including company President and Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Tracy George. Outside the lab, ARUP is a leader in implementing policies, procedures, and programs to help women succeed.

How ARUP Champions Women

The company has programs supporting women and their families at work and at home. These programs include subsidized onsite daycare, remote work offerings, an onsite free health clinic for employees and their families, tuition reimbursement, and employee engagement groups that focus on women in the workplace, to name a few. 

Its women’s employee engagement group was so popular it was split into three groups—Women Career Advancement Network, Work-Life Balance Circle, and Working Parents Circle (tailored for working moms).

The combination of ARUP’s family-friendly philosophy allows its employees to balance family, work, and school by choosing from various flexible job schedules. In addition to a traditional 40-hour, Monday-through-Friday schedule, the company offers night shifts, weekend shifts, three or four-day work weeks, and 7-days on/7-days off schedules.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to ARUP

ARUP isn’t just interested in innovative diagnostic practices but also in innovative employee practices. It realizes having the best minds on the team, regardless of gender, helps the company improve. With innovative policies that support women in all their roles, ARUP exemplifies the benefits of championing women in the workplace.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Inspire In Utah highlights businesses in Utah that champion women. Promoting the importance of innovative policies that support women in the workplace is about more than just a pat on the back; it’s about showcasing simple but impactful practices companies like ARUP implements. 

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