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Return Utah offers opportunities for adults looking to re-enter the workforce after an extended absence.

This unique program is designed as a return-to-work program allowing individuals to rejuvenate their professional experience, training, skills, and receive mentoring needed to return to the workforce. Returning employees benefit from gaining current experience, and employers have a chance to build their workforce – a win-win for everyone.

While Return Utah opportunities can be a great way to build your work history, the Learn-to-Work program can help you start on a new career path. Employers across Utah are looking for your expertise and are ready to help you find your new career.

“We need to come together and help individuals who want to re-engage in the economy find meaningful professional opportunities. Our state agencies will lead the way and show all employers that returnships can help them develop talent as well as improve prospects for so many workers in our community.”

Lt. Gov. Henderson

The Lieutenant Governor’s Return Utah program features two tracks:

Return-to-work opportunities in state government.

Short-term training at Utah
colleges & universities.

TRACK 1: State Job Opportunities

Get Back to Work with the Return Utah program

Return to the workforce now. Take your skills and knowledge to the next level by joining the pilot cohort of Return Utah. We welcome you back and want to help you launch your next career phase with the right opportunities, training, mentorship, and networking. Our program is a paid experience designed to help skilled professionals elevate their return.

Become a trailblazer and join our pilot cohort and get back to your career alongside others who have been where you are, who understand and appreciate nontraditional career paths, unique skills, and life experience like yours.

About the program

The Return Utah program is designed for adults looking to re-enter the workforce after an extended absence. These opportunities are structured as return-to-work positions that provide the experience, training, skills, and mentoring an individual needs to return to the workforce without starting from the bottom of the career ladder. Return Utah helps returnees get reacquainted with a career or allows them to explore a new career path. Return Utah helps returnees feel ready and more confident to return to the workforce.

Who is eligible?

Individuals who have had a career break for at least two years and are looking to get back into the workforce. They are professionals who are looking to get reacquainted with the workplace, and improve any professional-level skills that may have become rusty or require updating in a given industry.

Return Utah is for people who have taken a career break of at least two years for reasons such as:

  • Starting or raising a family
  • Caring for a family member
  • Taking time after military service
  • Military spouse
  • Political office
  • Entrepreneurial ventures
  • Volunteer work
  • Continuing education
  • Managing mental and physical health
  • Pursuing a career change
Are Return Utah positions paid?

Yes, all Return Utah opportunities are paid positions and should be paid at a salary rate equivalent to what you would normally pay a professional in the designated field/profession/job title.

Are positions temporary?

Return Utah positions will typically run for a minimum of 16 weeks. Positions may or may not lead to permanent employment at the conclusion.

Offer your own return to work program

If your business offers, or would like to offer, a return to work program please fill out this form and we will contact you. 

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