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Utah Association Of Realtors

May. 19 2023

The Utah Association of Realtors is a Utah state-level membership organization for realtors. With 19,000 members, it is committed to advancing the right to own and use real property in Utah.

How the Utah Association of Realtors Champions Women

Utah Association Of Realtors embraces the millennial generation’s laid-back, flexible approach to work with open arms. When it comes to supporting women in business, it provides women more control over their work schedules, how many hours they work, and where that work happens. The autonomy it gives its employees helps parents and caregivers get kids to school on time, be by the bedside of an aging relative or sick child, or simply make the T-ball game on time.

With more than half of its senior leadership roles held by women, the Utah Association of Realtors makes it clear that advancing women’s careers is paramount. But its commitment doesn’t end there. Women who hold top leadership positions are paid as equitably as their male counterparts; the organization’s commitment to education runs deep. It is not uncommon to find women in leadership working reduced hours to pursue higher education with tuition reimbursement.

The organization runs an annual program – Women Active in Politics – that recruits women to run for political office. It knows that having a woman’s voice and perspective in all levels of business and commerce is important.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to the Utah Association Of Realtors

The Utah Association of Realtors understands that motivation to succeed and work hard is not defined by hours worked or gender but by access to networking, education, and embracing work-life balance.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

The Utah Association of Realtors is dedicated to supporting women in all management steps with flexibility. Inspire In Utah launched the 100 Companies Championing Women initiative to inspire companies and individuals to improve access to education and the advancement of Utah women in business.

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