Truework Launches Employment and Income Verification API During COVID-19

Headquartered in San Francisco with an office in Draper, Truework was born out of a need for consumers to have more control over their sensitive personal information, especially during important high-impact life events like buying a home, leasing an apartment, or getting a new job. Truework puts employees in control of their data by requiring their explicit approval before sharing information with verifiers or companies.

More than 40,000 lenders, background check companies, landlords and other verifiers, as well as more than 150 enterprise companies and 20,000 small businesses, trust Truework as their employee and income verification API of choice. Currently, Truework has nearly 1.5 million employee records in its database.

In March, Truework launched the first-ever API to verify source-of-truth income and employment data, which has been critical for medical staffing and lending to customers during the pandemic. With Truework’s API, it takes an average of 22 hours for a company like Trusted — a career platform for nurses — to verify each nurse’s full employment history, allowing these vital professionals to start work in a matter of days instead of weeks. Additionally, in April, Truework announced a verification tool for employers to determine which employees can safely return to work, and when, by verifying employees’ COVID-19 health status.

Having raised $30 million in Series B funding in May, Truework’s latest round of fundraising comes as the company continues to expand its product offerings, helping address the changing demands that companies face as the impact from COVID-19 ripples across the economy.