Play In Utah

The Utah Outdoors is My Playground, My Classroom, and My Passion

Jul. 10 2020

Hello! I am Pitt Grewe, director of the Utah Office of Outdoor Recreation (OOR) at the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development. I was appointed by Gov. Gary Herbert as the third director of the nation’s first office of outdoor recreation to advance and promote outdoor recreation as part of Utah’s excellent quality of life.

I represent the governor in outdoor recreation matters, host the country’s largest state-sponsored outdoor recreation summit, and manage several grant programs that support local Utah communities’ outdoor recreation initiatives.

Growing up, I spent every winter weekend at one of Utah’s ski resorts. As long as there was snow, I  was on the slopes. Naturally, I started my career working in the ski industry for Beaver Mountain and then The Canyons resort in Park City and quickly observed the industry’s economic impact on the state.

Utah is my home, and the great outdoors is my playground, my classroom, and my passion. The state offers unparalleled access to the great outdoors, and I am fortunate my job allows me to explore Utah’s vast outdoor playground. I am a father of three and a “kid-at-heart” so naturally I have a keen interest in getting Utah’s youth off their digital devices and into nature’s playground.

If I had to pick my favorite outdoor activity to do “InUtah” it would be exploring the snow-covered peaks on my skis. But when the snow melts, I can’t resist climbing the mountains and playing in the rivers.

Let’s get outside together and safely so we can continue to Play In Utah.

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