The Homestead Resort Reimagined

Located in the picturesque Heber Valley, the Homestead Resort in Midway offers its guests a wide variety of activities to choose from on its 168-acre property. Whether golfing the back nine, swimming in the Homestead Crater, or relaxing in one of the guest rooms, the resort offers recreators a plethora of activities. 

“The Homestead Resort is rich in history, and we take great pride in that fact,” said Martin McAllister, the resort’s general manager. “The resort has been a gathering place for travelers and locals alike.”

The resort has begun a facelift of sorts and is renovating all of its guest rooms this year. McAllister clarifies the Homestead Resort is not going anywhere amid rumors that developers were considering acquiring the property. “That is not the case. We’re renovating pretty much every single building we have on the property, as well as adding buildings that enhance the user experience.”

As part of this undertaking, the resort is contracting with designers to create model rooms to ensure it gets the right feel, vibe, and color palette to provide an unforgettable guest experience. The process takes quite a bit of time, adds McAllister, but it is important to reexamine our identity. “We don’t want to take away from the rich history and character of the property.”

The resort focuses on creating experiences for its guests with unique offerings like its crater, golf course, and breathtaking scenery. And we find more and more people are doing a lot of driving vacations and getaways because of the pent-up demand due to coronavirus pandemic, notes McAllister. 

Homestead Resort made significant changes to stay open and keep its guests safe through the pandemic. Its separate buildings and outdoor entrances naturally allow for enough space to practice social distancing. “You will never be in a crowded elevator at the resort,” stated McAllister.  

Additionally, the resort implemented a stringent cleaning program that addresses guest touchpoints and ensures guest rooms are disinfected between guest stays. The resort also adheres to the state-wide mask mandate that requires guests to wear masks at all times indoors unless the guest is actively dining. “We have been able to welcome guests, and we have kept our associates safe throughout the pandemic.”