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Tech Moms

Feb. 28 2023

Three tech-savvy Utah women founded Tech Moms, and its business model is solely focused on women. By boldly proclaiming, “You can have a rewarding career and still make it to your kids’ soccer games,” the organization supports Utah women in business. Its robust training programs provide training, community, and networking opportunities. 

How Tech Moms Champions Women 

Tech Moms is serious about providing women with jobs in the business world. The Tech Moms community often provides references for, promotes, and hires fellow graduates–resulting in a tight-knit community. Every employee is an alumnus, and Tech Moms understands the impact a solid internship has on building a career. Its mentorship programs for women, like Tech Mom and Ready To Work, give Utah women a running start.

In addition to its commitment to training, teaching, and promoting women, Tech Moms is committed to intersectional diversity. It encourages diversity among its students; over 30% of its staff are women of color.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Tech Moms 

Returning-to-work mothers often need a professional network and access to solid job opportunities. Teaching tech skills to women and developing rock-solid networks and communities for its students is why Tech Moms excels at championing women.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

100 Companies Championing Women is looking for Utah companies, like Tech Moms, with women at the heart of their business. Its commitment to training, recruiting, and promoting women changes the workplace landscape one internship at a time.

The Inspire In Utah initiative is looking for companies that champion women’s initiatives in the workplace. Learn more about the Inspire In Utah initiative by following their Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

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