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Apr. 3 2023

Taulia Financial Technology is known for breaking down all kinds of barriers. The company breaks barriers in supply chain and accelerates cash flows by moving cash faster and providing access to greater liquidity. It breaks work-life balance barriers by supporting women through robust work flexibility, back-to-work support, maternity benefits, and mentorship and leadership programs geared toward career-minded Utah women.

How Taulia Financial Technology Champions Women

With a board comprised of 50% women, Taulia Financial Technology upholds its claim to break down barriers for women in the workplace. Because women occupy many senior-level and management roles within the company, it is committed to offering the kinds of benefits that matter to Utah women. The company offers flexible and remote working hours, locations, pay equity, and diversity-conscious recruiting strategies.

Taulia Financial Technology established a women’s employee resource group, paid maternity leave, and flexible back-to-work transition plans. The Leadership Initiative for Taulia (LIFT) helps women advance their careers. The program offers mentoring programs, leadership development, support groups, and educational sessions. More importantly, it gives women a voice within the company and helps working mothers collaborate, connect, and recharge.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Taulia Financial Technology 

Taulia Financial Technology founders value diversity and equality. They believe that when women employees have a voice and opportunities to advance and grow, the company and employees benefit. The company recruits women and works tirelessly on social media and with its internal networking group, LIFT, to attract and develop top women talent.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Companies like Taulia Financial Technology are changing the workplace demographic. When the 100 Companies Championing Women initiative was launched, many exceptional nominations came through of Utah companies supporting women in the workplace. Inspire In Utah serves to inspire others by bringing these great companies to light. 

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