Sweet Tooth Satisfied

Last spring, The Sweet Tooth Fairy owners on Foothill Drive weren’t sure they would be able to keep the bakery open. As the pandemic hit Utah, almost overnight, sales of cakes, cupcakes, and other treats dropped dramatically. Birthday parties, wedding receptions, and outings were canceled. This locally-owned 10-year-old sweets shop, like so many other small businesses in Utah, looked like it might not survive. 

“It was stressful! There were more than a few days I was so frustrated with everything that I cried,” said Stefani Jones, co-owner of the well-known destination with her husband, Nathan. “We didn’t want to lose our business, and we didn’t want to let people down, but it felt like we had no control.”  

As a team, Stefani and Nathan, Kathy (the store manager), and shop employees decided to take it a week at a time, making adjustments to hours and treat offerings, adding delivery and curbside options, and trying to spread cheer with yummy baked goods each day.

“I kept telling everyone we might close next week or tomorrow,” Jones added. “I thought we would. But we were able to change the way we did things to help keep employees and customers safe, and this meant we could keep baking and decorating.”

Delivery services boosted the shops’ sales, and supportive customers stopped in or called for orders often enough that it seemed worthwhile to be open, even if operating expenses outweighed income for a while. 

When everyday sales weren’t quite there, the Shop In Utah grant filled the gaps. “The Shop in Utah program has been great for our store,” said Nathan Jones. “It’s money invested in small businesses that support the local economy and keep our friends and neighbors in jobs.” 

“I was so worried we would have to close the store. However, as soon as customers learned they could order by phone or email, do a curbside pickup, or get delivery through GrubHub and DoorDash, business picked up again,” noted Kathy Lynn, store manager.

“We’re fortunate to have had the pieces all come together, and we’re so grateful the community rallied around small businesses like ours,” noted Stefani.

Today The Sweet Tooth Fairy is open regular hours, making treats for delivery, curbside, and in-store pickup Monday through Saturday.

Photos courtesy of The Sweet Tooth Fairy