Store Owners Band Together and Give Back To Community 

Maven District is home to Salt Lake City’s largest community of female-owned businesses. During the coronavirus pandemic, store owners banded together, and the result is a thriving business community that focuses on giving back. 

The block off of 900 South, between State Street and 200 East, is home to a thriving collection of small businesses that rely on each other’s support to keep their respective companies operational. “No one in our district was unable to keep their retail space,” said Tessa Arneson, chief boss babe of the Maven District. “Each of us transitioned online, and with city mandates to the best of our ability, we continue to pivot successfully.”

Two businesses within Maven District, Maven Create and Maven Strong, used the Shop in Utah grant to launch a pay what you can program. This innovative program created a sliding scale membership that opens the door to those who financially might otherwise not have afforded its memberships. The program’s membership options also include an automatic donation included in their dues that funds our Maven District Community Fund, allowing us to reach those who need health and wellness opportunities most. 

“Our fund helps our efforts to provide a safe space for those who can afford to participate in our memberships,” adds Arneson. “This may be someone who recently lost their job and needs support through our resources at Create or someone who recently is recently injured without access to extended healthcare who must relearn movement at Strong.”

We are thrilled at what we accomplished for our business and as part of our community of businesses. We hope to continue pushing forward in this unprecedented time thanks to the grants we graciously received, notes Arneson.

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