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Feb. 23 2023

Women make up 44% of the labor force in Utah, yet they only hold 4% of leadership positions in the finance industry. Utah-based accounting firm Squire noticed this disparity and is making strides to equalize those numbers. Through its efforts, the company champions women advancing personally and professionally.

How Squire Champions Women

One major achievement is Squire’s Women Improving Professionally group. The group meets monthly to discuss and address obstacles Utah women in business encounter. Its mission is to provide activities and programs that empower women to fulfill their professional ambitions. The accounting firm supports this group by creating opportunities for leadership and growth through connections, advocacy, mentorship, education, and support.

Squire also has initiatives focused on mentorship programs for Utah women. These initiatives include paid family leave, pay equity, work schedule flexibility, location flexibility, and sponsorship programs for Utah women. Each program empowers women at Squire and champions women in the community. The hope is to empower women everywhere in the community, not just at Squire.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Squire

The accounting firm looked at the industry by the numbers and found women often are left behind when it comes to leadership roles. Part of Squire’s vision statement says, “We promote a balanced lifestyle and provide opportunities for the financial, professional, and personal success of our people.” This statement refers to all employees throughout the organization. A vigilant pay equity program, combined with other steps it’staken, is evening the playing field at Squire and setting an example for other companies.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

It’s easy to see why Squire was selected as one of Inspire In Utah’s 100 Companies Championing Women. Seeing how the company supports women, particularly through its Women Improving Professionally group, is inspiring. But they’re not alone; we also highlight how other Utah companies support women. 

The Inspire In Utah initiative is looking for companies that champion women’s initiatives in the workplace. Learn more about the Inspire In Utah initiative by following their Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

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