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Apr. 6 2023

SixFifty provides legal documents for every size of business. It worked with top law firms to develop proprietary document automation technology. The company provides businesses with employment, privacy, business, and pro bono documents, and it includes a resource library with webinars, legal information, and interviews with industry leaders. 

How SixFifty Champions Women

SixFifty provides a flexible work environment that empowers women to succeed in the workplace and their personal lives. Remote work options provide women with opportunities to create a flexible lifestyle. The company’s paid parental leave provides 16 weeks off for the primary caregiver and six weeks for the non-primary giver. This time allows new parents to bond with their newborns or newly adopted/fostered children.

With unlimited time off and a minimum vacation time policy, SixFifty empowers its employees to manage their time away from work consistent with the duties of their positions and the company’s needs. It expects every employee to take time off to rest, recharge, and address everyday personal needs. Company leadership sets the example by taking ample time off and is often seen with kids on their laps during Zoom meetings.

SixFifty provides daily access to leadership development during morning meetings for its employees at all levels. Morning meetings allow employees to get to know coworkers and leadership from every division and fosters collaboration.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to SixFifty

Supporting women is important to SixFifty to help it retain top talent, increase engagement, and improve overall performance. Its leadership understands that the entire company benefits from promoting health and well-being.

100 Utah Companies That Support Women

Inspire In Utah celebrates businesses that support women and remove barriers. We showcase these businesses to inspire other businesses to achieve more equality. Empowering women empowers the entire economy, and SixFifty is an exceptional example.

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