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Salsa Queen Shares Her Recipe For Success

Jan. 20 2023

What’s the secret to being a successful businesswoman and entrepreneur? According to the Salsa Queen, the winning recipe is about finding your passion, creating something with love, surrounding yourself with the right people, and getting moving.

For the Salsa Queen (yes, that’s now her legal name), owning a business isn’t just about selling a product. Her logo and product label, passion for the product, and even her reason for starting the business all point back to one thing — love. “I’m not just selling salsa; I share my story, journey, passion, and love through everything I make.”

Salsa Queen came from humble beginnings. She immigrated to America from Mexico with her parents and family and brought only a small suitcase and a few pictures. They didn’t speak English but came in pursuit of a better life. Fast forward 30 years, and she’ll be the first to tell you she’s an example of living the American dream.

That dream didn’t come without a lot of hard work and ups and downs. Some of those hardships came in the form of dyslexia and not being able to finish high school. Some came as she struggled to provide for her seven kids as a single mother. Others have come as a natural part of starting and growing a business while also trying to balance the demands of a family. “The one thing that helps me make it through the challenges is the best advice I give female entrepreneurs, and that is to love what you do.” 

Salsa Queen started her company because she wanted to create something that spoke to her language and culture and that she would feel comfortable selling. For her, salsa was the obvious answer. She had an incredible passion for her idea, but passion isn’t the only ingredient needed for success. “I also needed vision, and vision doesn’t always come right away,”  she noted. “You can create it if you surround yourself with the right people. Women in business need a solid support system and cheering section which can make all the difference and help you grow tremendously.”

Salsa Queen believes America has plenty of opportunities for everyone, but you can’t seize them when sitting down. “You have to take action,” she says. “Give it your all and work hard, and you’ll make it happen.”

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