Mystery Escape Room Offers Guests a Respite From Daily Pressure

Perhaps now more than ever, even amid a global pandemic, people crave to interact with each other in a safe and socially responsible manner. Mystery Escape Room provides much-needed departures from daily routines for its guests by delivering team-building events for friends, families, and workgroups both in-person and virtually.

Without a doubt, 2020 was a challenging year for escape room companies across the globe, with many closing their doors. “We had to close our facilities for a time but are now open for private groups,” said  Les Pardew, owner of Mystery Escape Room. “We’ve implemented many strict safety measures to ensure the protection of our guests and employees, including requiring face masks and sanitizing our rooms between uses.” The company has also found success in providing online escape room events, adds Pardew.

The company created online escape rooms more than three years ago, never expecting that a worldwide pandemic would suddenly make them so popular. The pandemic thrust Mystery Escape Room onto a global stage, serving customers across North America, Europe, Asia, Australia, the Middle East, and Africa. 

In less than 10 months, the company has experienced significant growth.  

Mystery Escape Room’s notable achievements include:

  • Hosting more than 8,000 online escape rooms. 
  • Completing team-building events for 48 of 2020’s Fortune 100 companies, including Walmart, Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft, AT&T, and many others.
  • Creating 10 new online escape room products.
  • Hiring and training more than 40 guides to manage online escape rooms. 
  • 2020 was the company’s best financial year yet. 

“While these company achievements are great, the most important achievement to us is that we brought people together,” noted Pardew. “In a time of isolation, we helped people connect from wherever they were.”

We created a way for grandma and grandpa to have fun with their grandchildren, and we allowed companies, friends, and family members to take a break from the pandemic and have fun together regardless of where they lived, adds Pardew.

Mystery Escape Room has two locations in Utah, one at the Gateway Shopping Center and one in St George. Both locations are available for private bookings. In person and virtual escape rooms can be booked from the company’s website.