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May. 17 2023

Created as a one-stop resource, Motherly is a website devoted exclusively to motherhood. Packed with inspirational and informative content, it supports women by offering expert advice, inspirational stories, and curated classes to help mothers navigate all stages of motherhood, from pregnancy to toddler years and beyond. 

How Motherly Champions Women 

Working for Motherly means that your job will follow you regardless of where life and motherhood lead you. With policies that support flexible hours for working Utah women, the company is committed to supporting educated working women. Especially impressive is its Core Working Hours policy, which requires full-time employees to work just six of the core 9-5 working hours. This schedule allows women to work the other two hours when it is convenient with their schedule. The schedule provides women flexibility without sacrificing work productivity.

Because Motherly has been fully remote since 2015, where employees live is no longer a deterrent to growing your career. Cutting out commute time means women can spend more time with their families,  and it can recruit top talent from all over the country. The company strongly supports motherhood through its paid family leave benefits. Employees receive 12 weeks of paid maternity and bereavement leave for pregnancy loss. That, and unlimited time off, mean

 that Motherly’s workforce is striking the right balance between work and play. 

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Motherly 

Founded by two successful millennial women, Motherly’s founders wanted to redefine what it means to be “motherly.” As military spouses, it was important to its founders to create a company that would provide jobs that didn’t require them to move. Primarily led by women, Motherly proudly caters to educated working mothers.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women 

At Inspire In Utah, we feel strongly about championing Utah women in business. We launched the 100 Companies Championing Women celebrate Utah companies that support women. Through this initiative, we strive to highlight companies – like Motherly – that understand that motherhood and career-mindedness do not have to be mutually exclusive terms.

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