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Mother Nature Played Favorites Here in Utah

Jul. 10 2020

I’m Vicki Varela, managing director of the Office of Tourism in the Utah Governor’s Office of Economic Development. The Utah Office of Tourism aims to elevate life for Utah residents by attracting quality visitors and encouraging responsible discovery of our treasured places.

Mother Nature played favorites here in Utah, from our Mighty 5 national parks to the greatest snow on earth. I love to travel our state, engage in our natural environment, discover our culture, and shop and dine locally. Some of my best adventures have been with Utah guides and outfitters. They coach me safely through slot canyons, river rafting and off the beaten path adventures that I don’t have the technical skills and equipment to do on my own. And my very best road trips mean bringing home a piece of Utah art from the many galleries around the state.

If I had to pick my favorite Utah destination it would be the mountain bike trails at Deadhorse Point State Park. Other worldly red rock. Adrenaline. And a lovely dinner in town — outside or take out. How can we be so lucky? It’s no wonder people say that many of our 44 state parks would be national parks in any other state.

This is a time for all of us to savor more of our great state. Please join me in taking a road trip to a favorite destination or to discover something new. And don’t forget, stay safe to stay open!

Vicki Varela
Managing Director of Tourism & Film

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