Local Humane Society Offers a Safe Haven

Cache Humane Society is at the center of animal welfare, recovery and adoption activity in its community. 

It has strong values for treating animals with love, dignity and compassion. The organization has a welcoming, judgment-free facility that offers a safe place for every animal. Through various community outreach programs, it believes they can help end pet homelessness in Cache Valley.

Thanks to the Shop in Utah Grant, Cache Humane Society offered a discount on its vaccinations. “We know times are tough, and now more residents of Cache County have been able to prevent a hefty vet bill by getting low-cost vaccines that protect pets against easily preventable diseases,” said Megan Tilt, clinic manager. “We have been able to give our Cache County pet population happier, healthier pets.”

One of its most innovative programs is the Community Spay/Neuter and Vaccination Clinic, where they offer low-cost vaccines to Cache Valley residents.

The organization also worked with the local vocational college to offer the next generation of vet technicians a wealth of vaccination knowledge and interpersonal skills.

Client interactions are a big part of our Community Clinic, and our three interns learned how to manage an influx of people and the needs of every pet that comes through our doors,” Tilt notes.

Interns from Bridgerland College of Technology enjoyed learning how to administer vaccines properly, and Tilt enjoys the extra hands.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned is how to properly handle animals of all shapes and species,” said intern Jaokbi Ramos. “They can be pretty nervous coming in to get shots, so you have to know how to help them feel calm.”

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