Live Events Industry Adapts To Survive COVID-19

The coronavirus pandemic especially hit hard musicians, audio and visual engineers, sound technicians, and many more individuals dependent on events where people gather for their livelihood.

Utah Live Bands, an award-winning party and wedding band producer, is well known for creating memorable events. From intimate gatherings to celebrity weddings and huge conventions, the company has helped put Utah on the map as a resource for high-end, world-class entertainment. Its impressive list of acts are all managed by the company, so clients work directly with the source.

“Our musicians were struggling to put food on the table,” said Michael Tobian, CEO and owner of Utah Live Bands. “We were spending quite a bit of our time delivering groceries and necessities to them.” Continuing to produce entertainment for events was not only critical for the success of our business but the survival of many of our employees and contractors,” notes Tobian.  

Thanks to a Shop In Utah grant, the business is not only surviving but also making its events safer during a time it was critical for its clients and staff. According to Tobian, it gave their clients more confidence in holding events safely and responsibly and allowed them to provide sanitation services free of charge.

By proactively taking health precautions, Utah Live Bands can implement creative solutions that meet state and local guidelines for staying open. These safety precautions include hand sanitizing stations, a sanitizing crew, social distancing, and masking policies. “For clients that want to be extra cautious, we offer a seven-foot-tall plexiglass shield that is placed in front of the stage to add an extra barrier between the band and the guests,” Tobian said.

The company is currently innovating the Concert Live Stream space for conventions and corporate events during the pandemic.