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Feb. 1 2023

Instructure is a Utah-based software company that makes education more accessible. You have probably heard of the company’s brainchild–Canvas Studio–a collaborative next-generation video-learning platform. The rollout of this online learning platform turned the educational world on its head. Instructure’s goal is to apply the same disruptor-thinking regarding how companies support women in business.

How Instructure Champions Women 

Many companies offer work flexibility, child care support, and paid family leave for women in Utah. Instructure is no different. However, the company also offers returnships or a women’s leadership mentor program.

Returnships are full-time paid internships for adults who have been out of the workforce for at least a couple of years and offer a fantastic way to support women in business. When the last child is in kindergarten, many women seek to reenter the workforce, and returnships offer a soft reentry into the workplace while earning a paycheck.

Instructure values gender diversity in mid- and senior leadership roles and created women-specific mentor programs. By offering leadership training and opportunities for career development, women are valued and can grow their careers from within the company.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Instructure

People come first at Instructure. The company believes people deserve equal access to opportunities and resources. This belief manifests itself in its progressive women-centric programs. 

The company understands that career paths are not always linear, especially for women. For many women, a life full of experiences raising children, running households, and volunteering in their communities is the type of experience that is invaluable to Instructure. These skills can be leveraged in the corporate world and serve a woman well when returning to work.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Instructure is a prime example of 100 Utah companies championing women. Its focus on returnships and mentor-led leadership programs designed for women puts this company on the map.


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