Gastronomic SLC Adapts To the Changing Salt Lake City Foodie Scene

Stuart Melling, with Gastronomic SLC, is the man in the know when it comes to Utah’s dining scene. He enjoys savoring great food, and that love for tasting wonderful food led him to start the award-winning online food and beverage magazine in 2007. Since then, it has garnered a range of local, regional, and national press accolades. The online foodie magazine also boasts a robust presence across numerous social media platforms and a strong email subscriber list.

“I remember picking up newspapers and magazines with restaurant reviews in the Salt Lake City area and getting frustrated,” notes Melling. “I thought I am going to do this myself, and 14 years later, here we are.”

His website provides readers with one or two stories a week. It summarizes what’s happening in the local food scene by providing readers with information on menu updates, foodie events, restaurant openings and closures, and a host of other gourmand information.

Salt Lake City’s dining scene has changed dramatically since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic nearly 12 months ago. In response to COVID-19, so has Gastronomic SLC. “We started focusing on how the industry was pivoting to hang on, and sharing that news; curbside pickup options, family meal bundles, fine dining restaurants that deliver – anything might help restaurants survive,” notes Melling.

Most companies in the foodservice industry are taking extra safety precautions during the pandemic, such as limiting seating capacity, enforcing mask-wearing, and wiping down frequently touched surfaces, he noted.

“The resilience of the human spirit and the major shift that people are making as a result of the pandemic is nothing short of amazing,” Melling said.  “As we begin 2021, I have everything crossed that we might slowly start to return to normal. Hopefully, we’ll all be dining out with friends and family sooner than later and returning to enjoy our great food and drink scene.”