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Dyno Nobel Inc.

Mar. 17 2023

Dyno Nobel is a global leader in the commercial explosives industry. It leads the way with hardware and software solutions that provide accurate predictions, improve production, and reduce costs in the explosives industry.

How Dyno Nobel Inc. Champions Women

Dyno Nobel provides leadership development for Utah women and invests in training opportunities through its My Potential program. This program is dedicated specifically to women employees. Throughout a multiple-day intensive program, attendees are positioned as successors and future leaders for promotions.

Because women at Dyno Nobel sometimes work in isolated circumstances and plant locations, the company invested in mentoring programs that broaden their network. The mentoring circles include a four-part mission:

  1. Increase the number of women in manufacturing due to support and development.
  2. Support women employees in situations unique for them to improve morale and retention.
  3. Provide professional development for women and more promotion opportunities.
  4. Influence organizational policy by ensuring effective representation of women amongst decision-makers.

The company also supports women in Utah with remote work options, schedule flexibility, paid family leave, transition-back-to-work support, and infertility treatment benefits. Its intentional recruiting and improved diversity efforts increased gender diversity at Dyno Nobel by 15.3% over the past four years — equating to approximately 60 more women. The company’s annual pay audit program ensures women achieve pay equity. 

 Why Supporting Women Is Important to Dyno Nobel Inc.

Dyno Nobel understands that diversity of experiences and backgrounds helps it be a global leader. To recruit, maintain, and promote more women, it’s in the company’s best interest to continue investing in women-focused initiatives and enforcing policies that allow women to contribute their best ideas at every level.

The company applies its scientific and product design rigor companywide, ensuring women have every resource they need to advance their careers. Dyno Nobel’s annual pay audits reflect its value for fairness and investing in the potential of every employee.


100 Utah Companies That Champion Women

Inspire In Utah highlights businesses that champion women in the workplace with measurable leadership development programs and policies. When we showcase these businesses, we hope to inspire all businesses to achieve more equality for all of their employees. Empowering women empowers communities, and Dyno Nobel is an exceptional example of businesses leading the way in economic growth and innovation. 

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