CHG Healthcare: Staying Connected From Afar

The pandemic is quickly changing how we work and where we work. That means companies need to adapt the way they lead and engage their workforce. Because employees are more likely to be engaged in their jobs if they feel a sense of connection and belonging with their coworkers, creating that connection is more important than ever.

CHG Healthcare (CHG), headquartered in Midvale, Utah, made maintaining social connections a priority since the pandemic started as a way to keep their workplace culture strong. They’ve utilized a few techniques to foster ongoing connection:

Incorporate Fun Into Virtual Meetings
CHG uses video connections for more than just meetings. Virtual coffee breaks, happy hours, and book clubs have also proven fun and effective. The company discovered themed meetings with fun backgrounds are a nice way to break up the day-to-day Zoom fatigue.

Create Virtual Toolkits
The company created virtual toolkits for leaders to engage, recognize and connect with their team members. Ideas from the toolkits include team-building activities like a virtual scavenger hunt and talent shows as well as ways to recognize employees with an old-fashioned letter mailed to their house or a free e-card.

Practice Transparent Communication
Employees have a bigger connection to the company when they feel they are part of the conversation. You do that by embracing honest, open two-way communication. CHG Healthcare leaders meet regularly with employees face-to-face — either virtually or in-person, while practicing social distancing. They share what’s happening at the company and with their teams and make sure to provide context and the why behind it.

CHG believes employees who have a stronger connection to their colleagues and leaders are more engaged in their jobs and, in turn, have better production and lower turnover. In a remote world, that connection is more important than ever.

Camille Johnson Taylor