Chefpanzee: Supporting Local Businesses Through COVID-19

Chefpanzee supports small local businesses because Utah is their home too. 

Along with providing delivery services at a cost, even the smallest business can afford, Chefpanzee also provides marketing, consulting and catering opportunities.

“Local businesses are the backbone of our community. For Salt Lake City to thrive and prosper, local businesses need to succeed,” said Caleb Askins, cofounder of Chefpanzee. “We work with food trucks, restaurants, private chefs, caterers, specialized markets, farmers and producers to put the best that our state has to offer within a click away.” 

Since the coronavirus pandemic, Chefpanzee has taken numerous measures to ensure Utahn’s safety while delivering award-winning meals. Some of these measures include:

  • Continuing to keep delivery fees low and removing delivery fees completely for a selection of restaurants and food trucks each week.
  • Expanding delivery zones so customers can get food delivered during the pandemic and other crises Utahns are experiencing in 2020.
  • Removing delivery fees for fundraisers and special events that Chefpanzee partners are involved in.
  • Paying drivers more competitively than other major delivery services.
  • Adding donation options to several partners, which goes directly to the partner with zero commission taken out

“We know our partners well,” said Indu Sudhakar, cofounder of Chefpanzee. “They are friends that we’ve grown very close to and love to support. We don’t want that sense of community ever to go away.”

Camille Johnson Taylor

Caleb Askins and Indu Sudhakar