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May. 22 2023

Chatbooks allows people to create custom photo books on its website or app. Customers can print one-off projects or join ongoing subscriptions like Monthbooks. Instagram users can connect their accounts to create 60-page albums. The company makes printing easy and affordable and provides top-notch customer service.  

How Chatbooks Champions Women

The company’s mandatory time off (MTO) policy caught CNN’s attention during the pandemic. The company realized its unlimited PTO policy was backfiring, and team members stopped taking time off when there was nowhere to go. According to a recent survey from CivicScience, 52% of U.S. workers have unused paid time off, and women are less likely than men to use it. Chatbooks’ MTO requires every employee to take one continuous week of time off per quarter. This policy empowers women to relax, recharge, and return to work with fresh ideas, new motivation, and excitement about future possibilities.

Chatbooks ensures compensation parity for women with standardized bands for various roles and departments, depending on market rates. For example, there is high demand for developers and engineers; therefore, high salaries follow regardless of gender.

The Utah-based company also provides fully paid family leave for all employees – four weeks for part-time employees and 12 weeks for full-time employees. Health insurance, stock option vesting, and bonus potential continue at full rates without any extra paperwork or the stress of waiting for reimbursement checks.

Additionally, Chatbooks champions women with flexible on- and off-ramps for maternity leave. Birth mothers transition off all “critical path” duties two weeks before their due date and can ramp back up at a flexible pace that works for them when they return to the workplace.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Chatbooks 

Chatbooks is committed to helping families feel closer and more connected. Its research with HP revealed that photos lead to confident kids, more engaged parents, and, ultimately, stronger families. This devotion to family connection is pervasive throughout the company as it implements creative workplace solutions that support women at every phase of life.

The research also revealed that printed photos remind parents that they are good parents. Chatbooks encourages employees to be engaged parents with policies that ensure time off, provide flexible schedules, and cultivate confidence in their compensation.

The company acknowledges that parenting is the hardest job in the world, and it facilitates conversations to empower women on its podcast, The MomForce Podcast. ItThe company is committed to helping parents be more present, connected, and stress-free as they progress in their careers.

100 Utah Companies That Support Women

Inspire In Utah celebrates women entrepreneurs and businesses that champion women in the workplace with tangible policies and results. When we showcase these businesses, we inspire others with possibilities for all businesses to adopt to achieve more equality. Empowering women improves entire communities, and Chatbooks is an exceptional example for businesses that want to lead economic growth and innovation. 

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