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Better Business Bureau

Apr. 24 2023

For 110 years, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has helped consumers find businesses, brands, and charities they can trust. It does this by setting standards for ethical business behavior, monitoring compliance, and evaluating ads, policies, and more. This rigorous attention to ethical business behavior has helped the BBB create policies that champion women in the workplace. 

How the Better Business Bureau Champions Women 

The BBB supports women in the workplace with benefits like remote work, adoption and fertility benefits, flexible work location and schedules, transition back to work support after maternity leave, equal pay, and paid paternity leave. Women are crucial to the company’s leadership exemplified by its women president and vice president. 

The organization understands the value of family-friendly remote work and how it allows women to balance work and family. Its paid paternity leave policy includes families adopting children and assisting with transitioning back to work after paternity leave. 

Why Supporting Women Is Important to the Better Business Bureau

The BBB was started because the founders believed ethical business behavior is important. A century later, the organization still cares deeply about championing women in the workplace. 

It also coaches businesses on ethical behavior and building strong, lasting businesses. The BBB knows that including the best and brightest minds in a company means supporting employees of any gender to succeed. 

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Inspire In Utah showcases 100 companies in Utah supporting women in the workplace. By supporting women with remote work options, flexible schedules, generous paternity leave, and more, Utah companies, like the BBB, ensure it has the best candidates. 

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