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Agent West Insurance

May. 30 2023

Agent West Insurance is a full-service insurance agency that serves its fellow Utahns. Based out of Hurricane, Utah, this small but mighty firm is almost entirely staffed by women.

How Agent West Insurance Champions Women

With 80% of Agent West Insurance employees being women, the company has found ways to balance the business of life with the company’s goals. From flexibility for time off, work-from-home options, women leadership and management, part-time positions, and the flexibility to run to pick up a sick kid at school, the company works with the ups and downs of life to ensure all its employees find a balance between work responsibilities and life responsibilities.

Why Supporting Women Is Important to Agent West Insurance

Agent West Insurance seeks to empower women in the workplace. Not only does supporting women in the workplace support growth in the business, but because the team is small, they care about the needs of their co-workers. Everyone pitches in when someone needs to take time off for childcare or other responsibilities, and if there are days they can’t make it to work, they can work from home.

Caring for employees isn’t just about the bottom line but also about relationships. Agent West Insurance knows the importance of women in the community and offers its employees multiple opportunities to participate in community outreach. The company sponsors local community events and is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club.

100 Utah Companies Championing Women

Women in Utah are fundamental to the state’s economic and social success, and the workplace is one of the places Utah women make the most significant impact on their communities, friends, and family. That’s why Inspire In Utah has selected 100 companies in Utah that champion women in the workplace.

The goal is to highlight businesses with innovative ideas about improving the workplace for women and offer a template for other Utah businesses. With a little inspiration and innovation, every Utah business can benefit from hiring the right employees for the job, regardless of gender. 

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