Abra Kanabra: Kane County’s “New but Old” Tagline

Camille Johnson Taylor is a seventh-generation Kane County resident, and she could not be more proud. As the director of the Kane County Office of Tourism, Taylor works tirelessly to promote the area’s attractions to tourists and locals.

According to Taylor, the tagline ‘Abra Kanabra’ resurfaced every few years until the Kane County Office of Tourism made it one of their official slogans. “The brand is Kanab-Magically Unspoiled, but ‘Abra Kanabra’ has almost trumped our brand,” said Taylor.

“I grew up here, then left when I graduated. I was gone for many years and have been back for nearly nine years. This place has a gravitational pull. I think it’s the iron in the soil. It must be magnetic and pulls its own back home,” Taylor said. Things fell into place for Taylor professionally, and now she is the office’s director and considers herself fortunate to be Kane County’s number one paid cheerleader.

One of her primary focuses since joining the office six years ago is attracting quality visitors who stay longer, spend more money and are more culturally connected. Recent tourism campaigns are centered around culturally connecting as much as promoting the county’s jaw-dropping landscape. On the travel-trade side, they work with the statewide Utah Office of Tourism, which also focuses on quality, independent travelers.

Kane County government officials are taking the utmost precautions to prevent the coronavirus pandemic’s spread by adhering to their ‘Above and Beyond Promise.’ The promise aims to ensure visitors’ and locals’ safety by outlining what they are doing as a destination, what they are asking visitors to do and looking for the ‘Above and Beyond’ seal when patronizing local businesses.

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Photos courtesy of Kane County Office of Tourism

Camille Johnson Taylor

Camille Johnson Taylor

“As people are exploring areas closer to them since the COVID-19 pandemic, Kane County is well-positioned,” said Taylor. “Kanab is great because every road in and out of Kanab or Kane County is a scenic highway or byway. It’s perfect for the all-American road trip.”