A Touch of Elegance

Sean Bradley’s unwavering commitment to excellence, his community and customers, are trademarks of this entrepreneur.

Bradley owns Tabula Rasa Social Stationers in Trolley Square, a fine writing store offering a curated selection of merchandise including stationery, invitations, distinctive gifts and other elegant items.

He began his career with the store 25 years ago, as a sales associate, and was mentored in all the ways that make Tabula Rasa special and unique. Bradley also learned the importance of loving what you do.

Like many other businesses throughout Utah, Tabula Rasa was forced to close its doors when the coronavirus pandemic hit the state in mid-March. However, the store was able to reopen its doors on May 1. “The governor’s office answered our mayday call, and we were able to start initially with very short recovery hours again,” said Bradley.

Navigating the uncharted waters of COVID-19 continues to be a very stressful time for Tabula Rasa. However, the funds they received through the CARES Act are helping them through this rough patch. Although it required a lot of remote work, they were eventually able to get the paperwork submitted. “It was a leap-of-faith for us to reopen our doors on May 1, because the account wasn’t funded until three or four days after that,” notes Bradley.

Tabula Rasa employees appreciate the sense of camaraderie, and the mentality that we are all in this together, adds Bradley. He started a group text among employees, and co-workers regularly checked-in on each other. Now that they can return to work, it’s been wonderful to see the same people who have been with me through the whole experience, adds Bradley.

Tabula Rasa serves a clientele that is passionate about the way their home looks, and the decor pieces they surround themselves with daily. “We focus on creating the in-store experience and ambiance that lends you to think more creatively about how you can tie together the best of our culture,” Bradley said.

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